Do I work for you?
No, although it could be possible that you collaborate on future Je m’appelle Company projects. Our members usually work on their own job, research, projects and ideas but we see more collaborations starting every day.

Do I  need to be a freelancer?
The group conisists of freelancers, people working at startups, companies and organistiaons or even running their own company. As long as it extends the group you can join the group.  

What are the costs?
Prices are per month from €350 to €950. We also run Artists in Residence programs for the misfits. Contact us for more info about the prices.

What is the location?
Kasteellaan 1
5253 AM Nieuwkuijk.

Tv. Trabuqueta 17
1350-259 Lisboa

Pieter van der Doesstraat 26
1056 VC Amsterdam

What kind of person are you looking for?
Young designers, engineers and other creatives working around the world tackling major challenges on architecture, sales, management, coding and digital design. We always look to expand our group with an expertise that could be helpful for the people living with us.

What is the procedure to get approved?
Send an email or write a message on facebook.

We will reach out to you and talk about your current work focus and interests. If that triggers interest from both sides, we meet-up and  show you around. Still feels like a match? You’re welcome to join!

Can you tell me more about the Je m’appelle Family?
Je m’appelle Company is a network of like minded young professionals who live together in buildings spread out over the world. We don’t expect you to join dinner every day or celebrate birthdays together. We like it more jungle style. Everyone has complete freedom to go their own way but does feel part of a network that is focussed on achieving individual as well as collective goals. And importantly, doesn’t forget to celebrate them.

What is prohibited?
You can’t use the word ‘realistic’ in meetings. Reality already exist, we are here to push ideas to further develop ourselves. All the rest is allowed I guess.

Does Je m’appelle Company supports any specific beliefs?
No. We are far from ideologies, spirituality or religions. We rather focus on our own thoughts than lay our believes in one other man’s hand.

Politicaly left or right? 
The core members have little in common politically.  Some support Trump, shared Brexit opinions, we even have a leading candidate of a political left party for the EU living with us.

But we all share three distinct qualities. First, we are willing to disagree ferociously, but talk civilly, about nearly every meaningful subject: business, feminism, religion, immigration, life.

Second, we don’t use emotions to override the facts about the way things actually are.

And third,  we all have paid for this commitment by being purged from institutions that have become increasingly hostile to unorthodox thought — and have found receptive audiences elsewhere.