Disconnect yourself to work and live with young talent, in the stunning nature of Brabant.

Open call. We’re inviting young artists, scientists and creatives to apply starting from November in our villa, surrounded by the stunning nature of Brabant (located nearby Breda). You have the chance to collaborate on our projects or work on your own research, projects and ideas. Disconnect yourself to work and live with like-minded to push ideas to companies.

The Villa

Living. We live in a well maintained villa located on several hectares of private land in the nature nearby Breda. The property provides several basic bedrooms which are around 15m2 each. We have 3 shared kitchens and the 4 bathrooms. The villa has enough fireplaces for everyone.

Working. Next to the villa there is a 250 m2 workspace in a separate building. It has been recently renewed so the office is just like the villa in top condition. There will be several workspaces in the building provided. On all of the property is good WiFi available.

You will have your own bedroom, per month, long or short term. Always with the comfort of our friends from Amalia Home Collection; highest quality bedding, made in Portugal

Collective projects

Disconnect to work on your own projects, or collaborate on our projects. We’re tackling major challenges in architecture, deep code and digital design. For example, running a nightclub in Amsterdam, creating an algorithm to find potentials in real estate or work for clients such as Adidas, Philips and Magic Leaps.  



The Villa is part of a global working and living network of 40 young proffesionals called Je m’appelle Company. Our mission is to work and live worldwide, we now facilitate in Amsterdam, Brabant and Lisbon, beginning of 2020 we are proud to add Tokyo to the list. 
More info about Je m’appelle ︎



Do I work for you?
Do I have to be freelancer?
What projects are you working on?
What are the costs?
What is the address?
What kind of person are you looking for?
What is the procedure to get approved?

Apply now

Triggers your interest? Apply now for a private room in Brabant. This includes common areas, the workspace, utilities and the events.

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