Amsterdam New rooms available in our building in Amsterdam, starting 1st of February.

We're looking for a roommate; in our building where 25 young professionals live and work. You will share a house with other freelancers, startups and people working for the biggest creative agencies in Amsterdam.

Your rent include also the access to all the benefits of Je m’appelle Company; the office on ground floor,  spacious roof terrace, events in our own nightclub and access to our other buildings!

Some details:
✔ Available starting 1st of February and March.
✔ Rooms 6-12m2.
✔ 90 m2 office on ground floor.
✔ Spacious roof terrace.
✔Access to our other buildings including a nightclub, villa in the nature of Brabant and our building in Lisbon.


Collective projects

Disconnect to work on your own projects, or collaborate with our projects. We’re tackling major challenges on architecture, deep code and digital design. For example, running a nightclub in Amsterdam, creating an algorithm to find potentials in real estate or work for clients such as Adidas, Philips and Magic Leap.